Dining Domes

Dining Domes…Dinner Domes…Even Drinking Domes! Whatever you want to call them our new dining domes will grow covers and spend per head, as well as delight customers with new dining experience.

The COVID Challenge. While current UK government social distancing restrictions remain in place, the number of restaurant covers legally allowed has been seriously reduced.  Plus, sadly many people are still nervous of returning and spending time relaxing in social spaces so they reduce their dwell time and obviously their spend.

The Opportunity. To create a new destination dining experience. By making full use your outdoor space, you can maximise those much needed extra covers not just through the COVID pandemic but throughout the year.

The Creative Domes Solution. 

  • Our 12ft (3.65m) diameter domes are spacious and airy offering plenty of room to seat up to six people in comfort and COVID security.  
  • They are super quick to install on your patio, decking or even grass.
  • Weatherproof and windproof upto 40kph.
  • Very easy to maintain, clean and santise.
  • Wide range of colours and exciting accessories to choose from to make your dining dome experience one to remember.

So whether they’re dining domes, pod diners or eating igloos there’s no better solution to maximising your outdoor space whilst maintaining an element of social distancing. 

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