Home Office & Meeting Domes

“Home office by day, dinner & drinks dome by night”

Get out of the spare bedroom, study or whatever you call that cramped space you’re currently working from and treat yourself to some natural light and a little Vitamin D whilst you Zoom. It’ll literally brighten your day. Then when the sun goes down, pack up the laptop and pop on the fairy lights and your office becomes your private garden dining and party room. It’s the best value work space on the market and because it’s a home office, it’s tax deductible too.

To rent, lease or buy one, please call 0207 039 0104 or email [email protected]

“We need more meeting rooms, telephone rooms, lunchrooms, chill out rooms”

If your open plan office needs more meeting rooms, why not try one of our fabulous domes. They can be put up in 15 minutes, moved, stored, taken on the road for off-site meetings, used in-side and out.

If you need more COVID secure rooms to make your staff feel less nervous about being inside in a busy office environment when they return to work, then these domes could be your solution. Rent, lease or buy you can have them for as long as you need them.

Do you need to spread everyone out a bit more than you used to? Why not take advantage of the public spaces in your office? You can’t move desks into a corridor or the office atrium, but a couple of domes would look pretty cool. Maybe you have a courtyard or some garden space. Make the most of them with these stunning new meeting rooms. They’ll probably be the ones that your staff will want to book first.

To rent, lease or buy one, please call 0207 039 0104 or email [email protected]